2017 Recap // An interesting & exciting one..

Hey hey,

2017 has definitely been an interesting one. I think I’ve produced more material and played more shows than ever. I don’t have any management or label. Or any swanky producers doing everything. It’s zero budget but one hundred percent enthusiasm and passion. It’s all me pretty much, and of course with the help of the very talented Chloe Tennant (Cholly). Who plays live with me and also helps film the visuals. Big thanks if you’ve listened/watched or come out to any of the shows. Thought I’d do a visual recap of my ten favourite moments from this year. Check it out below!

Have a great new year people!

    1. Performing for BBC Introducing.
    1. Digging my own grave for ‘Emotiono’.
    1. Playing a spooky boi in ‘Dust & Bones’. 
    1. Playing a chilly Sofar session. 
    1. Collaboration with Imogen Louise on ‘Alice’. 
    1. Playing a drunk boi in ‘Love Shy’. 
    1. Performing ‘She Knows’ at a haunting looking Mausoleum. 
    1. Singing in a lift for ‘Distance’. 
    1. Blue vibes for ‘Decay’. 
    1. And lastly performing a live acoustic number in a church. 



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